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Self-Proclaimed Prophets.

Key Verse

“Therefore thus saith the LORD concerning the prophets that prophesy in my name, and I sent them not, yet they say, Sword and famine shall not be in this land; By sword and famine shall those prophets be consumed”(Jeremiah 14:15).

TEXT — Jeremiah 14:13-22


A society runs into severe straits the moment it abandons the truth and replaces it with the message of false prophets. That was the problem Judah had in the days of Jeremiah. While he preached exactly what God asked him to tell the people, there were other teachers who announced themselves as God’s messengers. Unfortunately, they got the attention of the unstable minds of the people and landed themselves in trouble.

There were fatal consequences for this national departure from the counsel of God. There was the first famine and drought that would wipe out the gains of the past. Then came the prophecy of war which would bring untold suffering to Jerusalem and its inhabitants, whereas the false religious leaders had contradicted Jeremiah that Judah would not experience war. Obviously, the unrighteous prophets had misled the people, while the citizens were also at fault for listening to them.

When the sword is drawn out to punish such a land, neither the lying prophets nor the people with itching ears will be spared. The people cannot blame the deceptive leaders for their sins, because they have the Bible and the Jeremiahs of their time to listen to. Yet, they repeatedly ignore them. The lying prophets are as culpable; they will also be judged.

What the Lord expects from the messengers He has given His Word is faithfulness in obeying the commandments therein and teaching the people the Word without adulteration. And as the hearers get the message, their part is to accept it wholeheartedly, not giving room to the unscriptural interpretation of the doctrines. When we arrive at this stage of the two parties being on the same spiritual page, there will be no space for false teachers upstaging the truth.

Thought for the day

Error and heresy thrive when those who have the truth are silent.
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Pastor W.F. Kumuyi
About Author - Pastor W.F. Kumuyi

Listed among “500 most powerful people on the planet” by the Foreign Policy magazine in 2013, Pastor (Dr.) William F. Kumuyi is the founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM) headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. DCLM started in 1973 as a 15-member Bible study group right in Kumuyi’s apartment at University of Lagos where he was a lecturer. His revolutionary Bible teaching on personal holiness and commitment to evangelism soon gained so much traction and resulted in a widespread revival.


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