The Great Temple Of God

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Key Verse

“And Solomon made all the vessels that were for the house of God, the golden altar also, and the tables whereon the shewbread was set”
(2 Chronicles 4:19).

Text: 2 Chronicles 4:9-22

The text under consideration talks about the completion of the magnificent temple of King Solomon. Most of the articles were made of precious metals such as bronze, brass, silver and pure gold. The building was expensively furnished, and nothing less could befit our great God who is preparing superlative beautiful mansions for believers in heaven.
Unfortunately, this great temple, the pride of Israel which took King Solomon seven years to build was later destroyed by Babylon due to the sin and apostasy of the nation. The temple has been rebuilt at least three times; yet, none of them could compare with Solomon’s temple. That former beauty could not be attained again. This shows that any nation that rejects Christ and forsakes God can lose its greatness, fame and glory when the day of reckoning comes.
This is a lesson to believers that no matter the beauty of their cathedrals, mighty churches, mansions, or any other work they feel they have done for the Lord, sin or backsliding can plunder all these within a moment. However, the greatest temple a believer can ever build for God is his/her body (1 Corinthians 6:19). Sin is deadly and destructive and it is a predator to wasters, devourers and plunderers. No earthly works can men offer to God in exchange for genuine salvation, holiness, faithfulness and close walk with Him. Sinners, backsliders and apostates should repent and come back to the narrow way before it is too late.

Thought for the day

If your body is God’s temple, how suitable is it?

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